This aint no OEM bike! Creamy’s Steezed Out 2010 Specialized Pitch!

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Specialized Pitch
Specialized Pitch

Ready to slay the trailerpark!

Specialized Pitch

Baby's got back!

Specialized Pitch

Those bars too wide? You're too old, go home!

Well its done… I think… What am I saying… any good bike is never DONE! Ok done for the moment! (Just wait till I get the Mid Tune Compression Rock Shok Vivid Coil Shock on it! (Gasp! a coil shock on a trail bike, HELL YA! but more about that another time!)

Roval Traverse AL wheelset with Cedric Gracia signature tires

Rock Shox Revelation 150mm Dual Air Fork (Sickest trail bike fork around far as Im concerned)

Crank Bro’s Joplin 4 dropper post

ERGON GA1 grips and WIDE RaceFace Atlas bar with 105mm Evoltion Stem, Yummy green cockpit.

Ready to shred any trail!    This bike has met up with about any cool trail in Michigan, and Ray’s too! and loved’em all especially last fall riding the Tri-fecta in Grand Rapids, a full day of 3 different and unique trails in GR with a sunset Dj beer drinking sunset sesh, ahhhh good times good times!

3 Responses to "This aint no OEM bike! Creamy’s Steezed Out 2010 Specialized Pitch!"
  1. carl says:

    Nice ride man, any news on the vivid? Thinking of getting dhx or vivid for my Pitch, but worried about piggy back striking downtube when full compressed. You tried it yet?

    • chris.remy says:

      Thanks Carl!
      Got it nice and muddy yesterday in a rain soaked downhill fireroad dirt run, good times. Anyway, shouldnt have to worry about the piggy back hitting the frame, it doesnt move in fashion that, that would be an issue, and if it did you got bigger problems anyway! Lol. My recommendation if your going to go with a coil for a Trail bike is go with one of the new vivids in either a Mid or High Tune, (You can now get the Vivid in specific compression tunes) and a stiff spring, especially if your a bigger guy (like I am) and youll have a killer trail-tuned coil trail bike.
      Are you still using the stock Pike fork on the bike? Thoughts? I switched out to the 150mm dual air Revelation and think its prolly one of my fav forks Ive ever ridden.

  2. Unkle P. says:

    C –
    Can’t ride offroad right now. My 29er crys every time I walk by her. Are there any (choke!) pavement tires you can recommend to ease her pain?

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