Glen Lake Schools Trail Day – MonSoon!

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BikeLab had a wonderful trailday at Glen Lake school. If ya didnt know Glen Lake has a mountain biking class where the kids are learning bike repair, building, and trail design! WHAAAT!!! Yup, its true very cool stuff indeed, Jeff Barrett, the teacher, has a wonderful class of kids who are stoked on mountain biking and we couldnt be prouder. SO, in true trailbuilder fashion we went out on a foggy morning that soon turned into a full on downpour, that didnt let up for the rest of the week, to rough in about a mile & half of some sweet techie singletrack behind the highschool. The goal is eventually 3-5 miles of trail, The terrain is perfect! Very similar to our beloved Copper Ridge with lots of good black earth, so once it’s rode in will make a wonderful trail. Glenn R from the MMBA put in some cool technical features like a logride (pictured) a ladder bridge, and we roughed in some log rollers and of course a couple of BikeLab certified bermed turns! (We love a good berm ’round here!) which the kids loved. We’ll keep ya updated on this new developing trail right here in our backyard as it comes together, right now all ya get is some soggy pictues from my haggered cellphone camera!

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