Chris, what’s involved in you coming to my place and tuning up my bike?

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Great question! Glad I asked! BikeLab will come to you and pick up your bike or in most cases repair it on the spot within 25 miles of Traverse City for one low cost.
If you are outside that 25 mile radius there will be a service charge based on distance. Now an important thing to remember is this is a one time charge so if you have multiple bikes there is still only one extra mileage service charge! So perhaps you live in Frankfort, Mi and have several friends with bikes who need service, get together, schedule a day for us to come out… Not only do you get your bikes serviced when YOU want, but you’ve wasted no extra trips into town to drop them off… wait… drive back to pick them up… And we’ll go shred the Arcadia Dunes trail with ya after, and maybe drink a couple beers and talk suspension!

2 Responses to "Chris, what’s involved in you coming to my place and tuning up my bike?"
  1. Chris Calhoun says:

    I love this idea and Chris you are the perfect person to do it. I know of no one else who lives and breaths bikes like you do.

    • chris.remy says:

      Thanks Chris we really appreciate the support! get ahold of us when your in town, also remember to check with Bikelab for all your parts ordering needs!!! Cheers my friend!

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